This list includes some relevant highlights from my skills inventory.

Google Certified: I am Google Analytics and Google Ads certified.

Adobe Suite: I am able to use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat etc. in both creative and professional environments.

Search Engine Optimization: I am familiar with multiple tools used for SEO and am able to create successful digital marketing campaigns that increase visibility.

Bilingualism: Fluent in both official languages of Canada. (French/English)

Communication: Ability to communicate effectively in professional settings.

Networking: Ability to maintain and create professional working relationships with peers, supervisors, and clients.

Web Development: Knowledge of the content management system, and am able to successfully make use of basic coding languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

People Skills: Ability to interact positively with persons from diverse backgrounds in both professional and personal settings. I have met/collaborated with vendors, advertisers to accomplish business goals.